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Narrative Essay Mrs. Gonzalez Change is often seen as a painful process, as one struggles with the surprises and unknown. Changes happen because of unfortunate circumstances, new opportunities, consequences or simply because of the nature of life. In my childhood, I experienced a change that has impacted my life inevitably. This experience has brought me to realize that the changes that God give me are not to hurt me but to give me experiences, blessings that I would have never had otherwise. Initially, I went to public elementary school. Despite the fact that I went to church and knew all the bible stories, I was young and didn’t know God on a deeper level. I had a group of close friends, and we spent afternoons and evenings together, going swimming, eating and gossiping. . I was rather reckless and enjoyed thrills and adventure. We spoke aggressively, created mischief and followed our emotions. However, too much fun and too little thinking always creates problems. As many different situations got out of hand, they piled up together and erupted an enormous situation. I was in trouble with the principal, a teacher, and moreover, my parents. Not to mention, I was fighting with friends. Thinking back, it was mostly misunderstandings and some unwise decisions. Perhaps, I was selfish then. I wanted to just have fun and I didn’t consider how my actions could affect not only myself and others. Because of all problems my parents saw, they thought I needed more discipline and meaning in my life. Even earlier than my problems had gotten out of hand, my parents had mentioned Christian education. As I came home one day not too long after my parents found out about my problems at school, they told me they had gone to a Christian school for a tour. Immediately, I slammed the table and yelled that it sounded stupid. I was furious that my

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