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Change Model Assignment There really are no simple ways to manage strategic change, and there no developed procedures that will work in all situations. Every case is different and will require different approaches to change. There are numerous change models that can be used. For the short-term change, the change model that will be used is Balogun and Hope-Hailey’s change model. It is also referred to as the change kaleidoscope. The Balogun & Hope-Hailey model advocates a flexible or contingent approach to managing change and recognizes the need for an unbiased style of management. As for the long-term change, the change model that will be used is Ackerman and Anderson’s nine-step roadmap for change. The change kaleidoscope has many different areas of focus for change. The first one is time. This is the area for the time frame for this change to be determined. In this case, the time frame for this change is short-term and will begin immediately and will continue for about a year until the longer-term change begins. The second area of focus is called the scope. The scope is the degree of change required in terms of realignment or transformation (Balogun, 2001). In this case, the short-term change is big bang combined with realignment; it is reconstruction. The basic business model may remain intact while undergoing this expansion. It is initial realignment to generate readiness of the company and all of its employees. A good way to do this would be to perform interviews with the employees and also conduct attitude surveys. The next area of focus is called preservation. Preservation has to do with the extent that it is essential to sustain certain ways of working and certain aspects of culture, keep particular groups of staff, and preserve specific organizational capabilities (Balgogun, 2001). In this case, addressing all of these aspects is

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