Change Management and Communication Plan

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Week Three Reflection Jessica Jones, Epaphroditus Morris, Damon Thompson BIS/320 June 2, 2014 Professor Paxton Week Three Reflection The three bookstores that our team has researched and became more familiar with are Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and last but not least A&D bookstore. Amazon has always stood at the forefront of retail business on the internet, but Barnes & Noble holds the cup for largest book retailer online. It is obvious that Amazon utilizes some sort of leveraging technique to attract individuals. Amazon’s online approach is simple, they focus on the specific behavior, wants, and needs of each individual person. Barnes & Noble uses a different approach when enticing possible clientele. They don’t have to bolster their webpage to attract customers, they simply make it so easy to access and navigate that children are becoming experts. A&D bookstore uses the internet to reach customers who don’t have the luxury of getting online or going into a store to purchase such goods. A&D is different than the other giant bookstores, as it concentrates more on the specifics of education and learning. All of the aforementioned bookstores use a form of collaboration technology or collaboration tools. “A collaborative information system must support communication, content sharing, and project planning and management” (Kroenke, 2014). Collaboration technology such as forums and blogs are evident in each of the bookstores mentioned above. Blogs are normally kept by an individual with regular entries of observation, descriptions of events, or other material such as illustrations or video. Forums on the other hand are often used to enable collaboration, provide content management features, implement business processes, and supply access to essential information. Collaboration technology such as forums and blogs, allow

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