Change Management Essay

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An Overview Of Organizational Change Business Essay You are a lieutenant in a medium size police department. The chief has decided to reorganize the department moving from a traditional semi-military structure to one that emphasizes team policing. The chief has directed that you act as change agent for the structural change and request that you provide her with a discussion of the issues involved in making the change including a needs assessment, overcoming resistance to change, selling the change to the officers in the department, and managing the change. Making Organizational Change It is a basic fact today that contemporary organizations are faced with environments’ that are not only vigorous but changing too. Organizations must come to the realization that change is a natural phase of management and in order for the organization to survive employees and management both need to get used to these changes (Lorenzi, & Riley, 2000). There are different reasons why these changes may occur and they range from changes in technology, to running an organization that is integrated with cultures of different countries, and each of these have an influence on how the organization functions. Additionally, the development and complexity of information technology and the manner in which organizations operate on an international level has bought challenges that are new and have also led to new product development ("Organizational change," 2010). In order for organizational change to be effective a needs assessment must be put in place so that management can perform a systemic exploration of how things are in the organization and how they should be. There are several steps involved in organizing a needs assessment. The first step involves performing a gap analysis in which management check how the organization and its employees are actually performing against organizational

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