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change is like the wind Essay

  • Submitted by: bigquad98
  • on November 25, 2008
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Change is like the wind. It can be as pleasant as a summer breeze or as devastating as a tornado. But when it comes to man made changes on the earth. That gentle breeze could gradually turn into a horrific tornado. One man made change in particular is the building of the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China. Even though it will help China’s rapidly increasing energy needs.   The building of this dam will have several horrible long lasting effects on the environment and living conditions.
Floods are a very common and natural routine along large rivers, like the Yangtze River which floods once every ten years. The water bestrides the banks and enters the valley’s brining in nutrients and sediments to the valley floor helping farmer’s crops to grow and replenish the riverbank with silt. But the building of the Three Gorges Dam itself will reduce the flooding from one every ten years to one every hundred years due to it’s massive flood storage capacity. The result of this will bring a decrease of deposited soil to the valley floor causing deforestation which will destroy the plants, grass and trees of the surrounding forest along the river. The sediment which come from upstream   will also accumulate and clog the dam. This is possible because the sediment will eventually pile up due to the storage of the water.
Depending on the cleanly or filthiness in which the reservoir is being managed; China’s environment is still to immense to augur the dam’s remitting effects.   This is so because even though the dam has a very strong possibility of clogging due to the accumulation of sediments really depends the areas precipitation and deforestation or even reforestation of the valley’s beside the river. Also the most lasting effect of the dam stated by Mr. Gwo-Ching Gong of the National Taiwan Ocean University on Trends and Innovation in the August 2006 Geotimes says that “ after the dam was filled, less sediment reached the sea, considerably reducing how much silicon...

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