Change into a Charming Girl

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In public place, charming girl can always give people a deep mind, so many girls want to become a girl like that. But it's not easy to become a charming girl, you must have suitable dress, graceful conduct, and character inside. Your dressing and grooming can give people a firse impression when you meet someone at the first time. Sometimes we can comprehend your character from your dressing style and the colour of your clothes. For example, black means rigour, purple means mystery. No matter what you like, you must have your own dressing style which suit for you. However, your clothes should suit for the occasion. If you go to a interview you should wearing formal clothes, don’t overdress. But if you go to a party or a ball you can wearing skirt with bright colours, because it can bring people good ambiance. Just remember whatever you wearing must suit for the environment you stay in. You should also pay attention to your grooming. Tidy hair, suitable makeup, good smell of your body--these can give people a good impression. Graceful conduct is very important in public place. When you join a party or a banquet you may meet many strangers, first you should keep smile, then politely to the people who speak with you, don't speak or laugh too loudly. When you stand or walk you must have self-confidence, don't hunchback. We can see many charming girls on the television, they always wearing beautiful skirts, walking slowly and with charming smile on their face, using their enchantingly eyes to see every one, they throw from the crowd just like a wind but concentrate everyone's eyesight. Next, when you sit down you must carefully if you wearing a skirt. During the dinner, you shouldn't talk when you have some food in your mouth. Don’t make noise when you eat food or drink water. If someone speak to you , you should stop eating then looking at
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