Change in 'Tomorrow When the War Began' by John Marsden and 'Understand Old One' by Kath Walker

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The denotation of change is to undergo a process of transformation, whether physically, mentally or emotionally, due to certain circumstances. In John Marsden’s Tomorrow, When the War Began, a series of events take place, displaying in a very thorough, creative way, the changes that eight ordinary teenagers go through. It is not about a war breaking out; it is about these changes that take place, and their response and reaction to it all. It is important to recognise ‘change’ as the dominant theme in this novel. Ordinary teenagers, that could have been any one of us, experienced devastating events that had inflicted damage on their lives and surrounding environment, which was caused by an invasion from another country. This influences their personal development in a negative way, because an unpleasant experience and situation was forced upon them. The theme of change can be seen through Homer’s development. Marsden describes him in chapter one as “wild and outrageous”. The descriptive language used in this quote portrays the kind of person Homer was. Halfway through the novel, Homer slowly starts to change, and becomes the leader of the group. He changed because of the given situations. This is shown in various parts of the novel, one of them being when they are hiding in Corrie’s house, and they hear a helicopter, he instructs everyone to split up and wait in separate rooms of the house. This shows his development because, in comparison to his description at the beginning and his actions that took place at that moment, shows us he has formed into a person who is reliable and strong willed. This is showing that he is a character that is not swayed by his new role in this lifestyle. This has transformed Homer’s character in such a way that he has developed a thick skin, and learnt that he has to be strong for the others, and act as their support; otherwise they

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