Change in the Play Away Essay

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Change is an unavoidable process of humanity, defined as a transition or alteration that affects aspects of life. Two texts which greatly explore the concept of change are the play “Away” by Michael Gow about three families which go on a holiday in Australia. The other, a poem called “No More Boomerang” by Oodgeroo Noonuccal, explores the impact of white settlement. The context of both texts are set in Australia however the time period differentiates, Away being set in 1967 and no more boomerang in 1985. Each text depicts a variety of forms of change which are, emotional, psychological, mental, social, spiritual and environmental. Away uses dramatic techniques including repetition, literary allusion and stage directions whereas the poet Oodgeroo Noonuccal uses a variety of poetic language techniques to demonstrate the changes that have occurred in the lives of indigenous people. In the play away the concept of a psychological and emotional change is presented through Corals transformation. Coral cannot escape the grief which permeates her life after the loss of her son in the Vietnam War. The storm allows her to be replenished as she transforms from someone of denial and depression to a women who lets go of her unhappy past. Gow uses the repetition of the metaphor “I am walking” in the intertextuality of a play within a play within Act 4 Scene 3. Coral repetitively says she is “walking” to reinforce to the reader that this does not only apply to her character in “The stranger on shore” but that she also is now “healed” psychologically. This idea of physical healing within the playlet indicates a psychological and emotional change for Coral within the play away. Furthermore Tom is embracing his mental and physical change as a positive aspect as he begins to accept his fate. The audience experiences the protagonist, Tom, a boy dying from cancer initially

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