Change in Leadership Essay

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Abstract This paper will discuss the changing of leadership within a laboratory setting and the impact that it can have upon a department. Working smarter and not harder has become a mantra within hospitals systems. When faced with poor leadership that puts your department at risk for failing an inspection and the potential consequence of getting your lab shut down, tough management decisions must be made. When faced with promoting from within or a change in leadership, what is the best approach? Case Study Two-Change of Leaders In this case we are given the background of a hematology department that has been led, for an undetermined amount of time, by a supervisor that has lost the will to lead or mentor her staff. She has been ineffective to the point of deterring staff morale and compiling stress, tension, and frustrations upon her subordinates. Facing an upcoming inspection the hospital sends in a mock inspection team which identifies 30 deficiencies which could potentially shut the department down. The hospital management steps in and places this supervisor on probation and partners up the struggling supervisor with her assistant manager and gives them 90 days to correct the deficiencies. Upon return inspection around day 60, they find that nothing has changed; this forces the supervisor to resign and leaves the interim manager position to the assistant. Within one month the assistant manager (and now interim manager) has been successful at correcting the deficiencies and has applied to become the replacement manager along with two other staff members. One is equally licensed and has the backing of the staff as does the interim manager. The third candidate has been serving as a manager on another shift but does not hold the same licensing as the other two which are ASCP registered as Medical

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