Change In 'Go Back To Where You Came From'

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Go Back To Where You Came From & the Door Discovery Essay - Cameron Wright Discoveries may often be challenging and confronting, but will often lead us to reassess our attitudes and values. The main aim of “Go Back to Where You Came From” By Ivan O’Mahoney is to build empathy towards refugees using interviews, voice over, camera techniques, Dual Narrative and deliberately selected participants who will be confronted by their experiences and be “Put through the wringer”. While the poem “The Door” By Miroslav Holub is all about change and being confronted and challenged by this change and inviting us to go and see this change as a positive. Using poetic techniques, dual metaphor, repetition, tone, imagery and symbolism. Both use these…show more content…
their is no life here.”, A close up of raye tearing up as she speaks to Masara an African refugee resettled in Australia about what happen in her homeland and losing her baby due to not having enough money for medicine “I do understand where she’s coming from, I have a hard time pulling pregnancies through.”. This Confronts the audience and the participants with full emotion from these people making us think about the emotional struggle refugees are going through and the realisation the Masara is not so different to Raye. While in “The Door” Stanza three Symbolism of “Fog” states Even “if there’s a fog” the poem reassures the reader that “it will clear”. The poet encourages us to seek change and at least “open the door”. By opening the door individuals approach the idea of ‘change’ allowing them to overcome obstacles. No matter what lies beyond the door the poem tells us that “at least there’ll be a draught”. Although this is a cold and somewhat unappealing image the point is that the individual is willing to make an attempt and pushing forward through this challenge they may be
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