Change for Life Essay

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The health campaign that I have decided to investigate is Change 4 life. The campaign was originally set up in 2009 to help parents with children/teens to try and cut down obesity in children, it has now developed into a whole range of things to help people have healthier lifestyles. The campaigns aims are to prevent the increase of obesity especially in children by encouraging them to have a healthier life style. Change 4 life's slogan is 'eat better, move more, live longer' this is so that it is easy to read, short and snappy and it is very easy to understand for both children and adults. The campaign is also there for people who have a low income and cant afford to live a healthy lifestyle, so it offers families support and information to help them.. for example they give them advice on how to diet, information on what a healthy lifestyle is, what foods they should try to eat more of and what they should try and stay away from, they also even have recopies on how to make a healthy meal for little price and information on activities that are taking place around them which will help them exercise more and get fit. Change 4 life tries to help parents and teens what having an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to, and how important it is to get children into living a healthy life early so it doesn’t become a challenge later on in life. The campaign tries to encourage people to have less sugar and to swap sugary foods/drinks with either low sugar or sugar free options. One of the main things change 4 life does is encourages children to eat their 5 a day of fruit and veg, they tell parents that getting children into eating fruit or veg as a snack will help them have a less sugar intake and it will help them stay healthier. The campaign also tries to encourage parents to have regular meal times together as a family and around the same time everyday to get the children

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