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Change Essay - Macbeth & Related Text

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  • on May 25, 2014
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Change Essay

While change is an event, it is also a process and transformation. It can be the consequence of your decisions or it can be inevitable and has to be endured and embraced. However, change is an on-going process and can lead to other changes over time. It can be both positive and negative; at worse it is dehumanising, destructive and diminishes our humanity. It is these aspects in which Shakespeare explores through the character Macbeth and Naked Girl and Mirror also explores this through the persona of the poem.

Shakespeare explores the concept of change through the character of Macbeth. This is shown through Shakespeare’s extensive use of soliloquies throughout Macbeth. This is a powerful device as it allows the reader to gain insight on Macbeth and his mentality as he undergoes profound inner change.

Through the ‘Two Truths’ soliloquy, Shakespeare establishes the character of Macbeth in the readers’ mind, as this is our first insight of him. Therefore this is the basis from which we judge him as he undergoes a series of transformations throughout the play. At this stage, Shakespeare presents us with a logical man who is a rational thinker by employing a logical structure throughout the soliloquy, which weighs both the pros and con of the witches and the prophecy. Its use of paradox “cannot be ill; cannot be good” followed by rhetorical questions show a man who is objective but cynical about his meeting. This is reinforced by his rejection of imagery through the us use of personification, “whose horrific image doth unfix his hair” which shows Macbeth is a man who is sensible enough to dismiss the prophecy, however, he has also thought about what he can do to become King. Shakespeare has given us a shaded image of Macbeth, no longer is he just a noble, obedient soldier of Duncan, but he is a man who is attracted to power, with great ambitions.

Shakespeare foregrounds Macbeth’s insecurity and his transformation in psychology by not employing...

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