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From Big to Small Bored, bored, bored. That's how I'm feeling right now. Why is life so boring? Why can't anything exciting happen once in a while? These are the type of questions I ask myself everyday, from when I wake up in the morning till I go back at night. I love going on adventures and finding out exiting things. But I can’t. From when I can remember the only exploration I’ve had is going to and from school. As I was walking the ten minutes to school like I did every morning I took the short cut through the park. I adore the park, when the animals stare at me at every step I take and the leaves do their little dance in the wind as if they are saying hello; there is always a lot of excitement in the park. But these breathtaking and wonderful things aren’t happening to me, their happening to the other creatures who live there, from the bushy squirrels’ high up in the trees, to the creepy crawlies down on the ground. After the park I popped into Mr. Patel’s newsagent. The newsagent is a wonderful place. It has everything in it, from food to toys to hair care. I bought the usual; Cadburys Dairy Milk chocolate and Pepsi. As I got out of the newsagent I saw a group of ants. The big ants were carrying seeds on their backs and the little ants were running around as if they were playing a game of cops and robbers. I wonder how life would be, living a miniature life, having adventures waiting for you at every corner and amazing things to discover at every step you take. I left the ants and carried on walking, but instead of taking the left path leading to the school, I took the right path instead. I didn’t want to go to school, looking at the teacher blabbing on forever giving some stupid lecture, seeing the kids yawn with the boredom of hearing it, because I want something fascinating to happen today. I knew I’d be in trouble when mum found out but, today I

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