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change blindness Essay

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  • on March 17, 2010
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The Effect Of Central And Marginal Interest Changes On Change Blindness


Change blindness is a phenomenon describing the failure of people to notice large changes to a visual scene. This study examined the effect of central and marginal interest changes in images on change blindness. It found that changes in central interest objects were perceived significantly faster than changes in marginal interest regardless of the type of change made. This provides support for Rensink et al’s research in 1997 and the theory that change perception is dependant on attention. This challenges traditional models of perception based on memory of internal visual representations. This research also found that different types of changes seemed to be more difficult to perceive in both central and marginal interest levels and could provide a base for more research into types of visual change and change blindness.


One of the most famous examples of a change blindness experiment was carried out by D.Simmons and D.Levin (1998). In their experiment, the subject is speaking to man A, who after a visual interruption between the two, is replaced by man B. It was found that over 50% of subjects did not notice that the man they were speaking to had changed.
Induced change blindness has been encountered in previous experiments including visual memory (eg Pashler 1988: Phillips 1974) and eye movement research. Currie et al, (1995) found that when participants focused on an object that moved between displays in a variety of visual stimuli they were only able to detect changes in the saccade target, not the surrounding image. This change blindness was attributed to saccade specific mechanisms but other evidence suggests many incidences of change blindness (and saccade-contingent change blindness) can be attributed to reduced attention.   Transient motion signals are normally a huge visual cue by attracting an observers attention (Klein et all 1992) and absence of...

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