Change and Innovation Essay

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Change and Innovation Melanie Nichter HCA/250 07/14/2013 Sarah Caro MS, RN Change and Innovation Changes within companies are always difficult for the employees sometimes it is more difficult for others but there is always a transition period. As a company you have to consider many strategies to managing change and innovation within your workplace. Looking at the best options to implement the change can make the difference of having employees transition with ease or with combativeness. There is nothing more certain than change within a company. The ability to manage that change effectively is critical for businesses. The effects of change can be negative or positive and having successful management will ensure the latter. Some strategies to manage change and innovation within the workplace are to accept change. Inevitably change is going to happen this has to be communicated to employees. You always want to express to your employees that change will happen and that is part of companies growing and rising to the ever growth with technology. Change has to be constant in order for it to be manageable. Practicing openness helps organizations to manage change effectively when the staff is made of aware of the change and it isn’t sprung upon them unexpectedly. Companies should practice an open door policy which means that management is willing to hear feedback and a willingness to listen in a non-defensively manner. Companies should also solicit input employees aren’t opposing change as much as they are opposing change with no opportunity to have any influence about the changes. If companies welcome employee input they will better appreciate and accept the reasons for the change. Often times you will find that employees will benefit from their employees insight, companies should always remember that the employees are on the front line and have the

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