Change And Innovation Essay

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Some strategies to manage change and innovation would be to first discuss why changes to come about to better the company. Describe the sequence of change activities that must be performed in order for change to be successful. Change management entails thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation and consultation with, and the involvement of people affected by the change. Changes must be realistic, achievable, and measurable. Explain the changes to the employees of how it will happen, and that if it doesn’t work then the company will not stick to the changes. Don’t allow the new technology to take over the entire system at once, let the employees know that some of the people will still keep their jobs, because even though a new system is coming into effect it will take employees to run the new system. Use face to face communication to talk to your employees about the new change if they are helping you organize for the change. Provide reassurance by allowing your employees to take as much time as needed to get use to the changes that are going on in the company. Allow the employees to give their input before the changes take effect, because the changes will affect them and their job. Communicate directly with one another about the changes without sending out emails and memos. Keep everyone informed about the changes and how they will affect everyone before they come into play. Treat everyone with respect and try to understand their feelings because the change will affect everyone. The main reason employees resist organizational change is because they afraid of failure within the company. Employees may feel as if the change will make things harder for them within the workplace, or it may make their jobs harder to deal with. Some may feel a change may affect their pay. People get use to doing things on a regular routine and a change could comprise their

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