Change And Affect Of Columbine

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Change and Affect After Columbine After Columbine, how have schools changed far as security and does new security measures have an affect on students? How have gun laws changed after Columbine? School security has changed due to installation of metal detectors, and security cameras. Some schools even banned the carry of backpacks. Students in schools are permitted to carry identification cards on them at all times when on school campus. Local law enforcements are now putting officers in the hallways, to post security during the change of classes and to patrol the campus grounds during class time. Last would be the installation of cameras on school buses to monitor the bus riders. Administrators in schools have begun to show zero tolerance on things that students say, write, or show that might indicate any act of violence upon other students. For example, six students in Decatur, Ill. were expelled from school for one year for fighting at a high school game. Due to the fact that a videotape shows this incident, this act of violence violated the zero tolerance policy in school. Students are now being punished for committing pranks on other students that could possibly put students in harms way. One prime example. MeShelle Locke 16, of Lacey, Washington was suspended from school for four days for making a hand gesture of a gun at another student and saying “Bang.” The boy whom MeShelle often joked with asked “Is that a threat” jokingly. She replied “No, that’s a promise.” This prank resulted in, out of school suspension. So has gun laws changed after the Columbine shooting on April 20, 1999? Here’s a few facts: May 1999 | In the wake of the Columbine shootings, Congress holds heated gun-control debates. Then-Vice President Al Gore cast a tie-breaking vote in the Senate to require background checks for firearms purchases at gun shows and

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