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Thesis Topic “Change and its effects on a country, culture, community & company in the era of globalization” About the topic: Very likely to be revisited and renamed, however the essence of the thesis remains the same. The only thing that is constant is change! The purpose of this paper is to focus on the ever changing environment that we live in. The paper begins with the definition of change and why change is inevitable. With the advent of globalization and with more countries coming together to conduct business, the next most important area of focus after signing in the agreement is to implement a change policy to ensure that the business progresses as projected. For example, this could mean that an organization changes from a functional one to process oriented organization. How do people within the organization react to such an approach? Change is not solitary it depends and effects various factors. In short, there is a multiplier effect. A change in area of company, culture, community and country, in most cases leads to the change in several related or unrelated factors. Multiplier effect in tourism sector is a perfect example of change where developing/constructing a hotel in a particular location results in the development of infrastructure & other related facilities in the vicinity There are several challenges to identify, understand, communicate, plan, implement, measure and evaluate change in the aforementioned areas. The study would be incomplete without looking at the change graph, tools used to implement change and understand the Force Field Analysis and PDCA cycle. I intend to focus on one aspect/country/company/culture under each of areas in order to relay how the change in one area has an impact in the other. Even if implementation of change has been accepted, not every one can drive change. Towards the later part of the paper, I

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