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Purpose and Goal of Paper: The purpose of this paper is to provide a broad overview of the concept of "change management." It is written primarily for people who are coming to grips with change management problems for the first time and for more experienced people who wish to reflect upon their experience in a structured way. b. Background: If there's one constant in today's world, it is change. An organizations ability to continually renew itself often determines its ultimate success or failure, and this pursuit has become a discipline all its own. Some call it "continuous improvement," others label it "change management," but the underlying idea is the same: Find opportunities to improve the organizations processes as a way to improve overall business performance. In thinking about what is meant by "change management," at least three basic definitions come to mind: 1. Managing change. 2. Professional practice. 3. A body of knowledge. 1. Managing Change: The first and most obvious definition of "change management" is that the term refers to the task of managing change. The obvious is not necessarily unambiguous. Managing change is itself a term that has at least two meanings. One meaning of "managing change" refers to the making of changes in a planned and managed or systematic fashion (Bruner, 2003). The aim is to more effectively implement new Civilian Research Paper 5 methods and systems in an ongoing fashion. The changes to be managed lie within and are controlled by the organization. However, in many cases, these internal changes may have been triggered by events originating outside the organization, in what is usually termed "the environment." Hence, the second meaning of managing change, namely, the response to changes over which the organization exercises little or no control (e.g., legislation, social and political upheaval, a new

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