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Malati Khadka, MBA 2012 Organizational Change Adaptability and foresight are the keys for businesses to survive in today’s increasingly global and highly competitive world. To keep meeting the expectations of all the stakeholders of the company, businesses must evolve and embrace changes, be it in their structure, culture, process or strategies. However, implementing organizational change is often very challenging for managers because its success depends on the acceptance of all stakeholders affected by change and their support to implement it. Often, employees are skeptical about internal changes that have to do with restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, reallocation of resources etc. Due to this, they may either act indifferent to the change or may actively resist it. I remember when two of my ad agency’s departments, the Finance and Administration departments, were on the verge of being merged into one department; the management had to face a lot of resistance and criticism. They had sternly imposed their decisions to carry out the plan without any consulting with the administration department. The objective of the change for management was to get a better oversight of resources and minimize costs. It was clear that the Finance people would get the upper hand in decision making which didn’t sit well with the Administration department. So, the employees in the Administration department opposed the change openly. Besides that, the cold relations between the heads of both the department didn’t help. The admin head in no way wanted to work under the Finance head in the new Finance and Administration department. It was clear that it was also a case of power control and ego. In my analysis, the admin head was the only one who strongly felt that this change was unnecessary. However, the employees in his department followed him because he was able to convince

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