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Change Analysis Scenario Exercise 5.1 NAVY OPERATION SUPPORT CENTER Likelihood- In this scenario there is a high chance that there will be constant changes thought out anyone tour at this organization. New leadership rotates in and out on a regular basis. In this type of organization there is no outside competitors, the only competitions that goes on is that of members of the organization. Staff must perform at a high level if they wish to continue to be part of this organization. Hopeful- All member knows the process that comes when new leaders are put in charge. We know that with new leaders come new changes. There will be some hesitance at first because we are normally get into somewhat of a routine to doing things and when new leaders comes they normally want things done there way. The organization have instilled in its member obey and follow lawful orders, adapt and overcome. Doubtful- I am very doubtful any input will be consider or pass one to the next leader that will become in charge. The turnover ratio is very high and by the time you get use to the way one leader wants things and processes to go a new leader comes in and wants to it totally different. Change Readiness Category | Score | Sponsorship | 2 | Leadership | 1 | Motivation | 2 | Direction | 3 | Measurements | 3 | Organizational context | 1 | Processes/Functions | 2 | Competitor benchmarking | 3 | Customer focus | 3 | Rewards | 2 | Organizational structure | 3 | Communication | 1 | Organizational hierarchy | 1 | Prior experience with change | 2 | Morale | 1 | Innovation | 3 | Total 33 According to the total score of the change readiness exercise, change is possible but may be difficult. The scores are merely my opinions base on my experience and time being at the organization. No other in-puts has been taking or giving in preparation of this

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