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CHANGING TIMES AND TRENDS That November evening at 4PM, I woke up to the sound of a steady drizzle outside my window. I peeped out of the window and the truth was apparent to me – I would not be able to play football for the next two days . I consoled myself thinking I would play on the computer for some time and then complete my project work browsing the net. Most of my school projects were completed with the help of internet. When I went to seek my mothers permission for the same she started off telling me how she managed to do her project with the help of books from the librarary. Her librarian was such a stickler that no amount of cajoling would yield more than two books which had to be returned with in a weeks time. She said that the thrill of a new book and its smell, rummaging through its pages and reading the back cover are no longer there because now a click of the mouse always gets you what you are looking for. She vividly recalls the thrill of visiting a library and leafing through the pages of a favourite author in the coziness of her room with a packet of chips. In her own words “I wouldn’t trade it for any new technology”. I went back to my room thinking I would prepare my project this time with the help of books but the very next moment the thought of all the trouble I would have to take to look through the various books made me meekly surrender in front of my computer. _ Anuroop X A

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