Chanel Katic Essay

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Decorating a home is an intimate and personal experience. Studio K believes that a successful collaboration between designer and client requires a high degree of trust and communication. During an initial design consultation, we discuss with our clients their needs in terms of service as we develop an awareness of their personal style, clarify and set financial parameters and priorities. Whether working on a single room or an entire home, many of our clients have a strong sense of what they want. Some simply need a consultative relationship to offer direction, while others want significant guidance from our firm to oversee the entire process. We offer services tailored to fit our client's needs. Some may be unable to fully articulate their style, so we recommend they sit down with a pair of scissors and review decorating books and magazines to compile a file or notebook to give us an idea of the looks that most appeal to them. We believe the key to a successful relationship is to recognize and respect the client's budget. Therefore, we ask that our clients be pragmatic about what they expect to spend and achieve. Because clients often find it easy to overlook their budget restraints in the excitement of choosing fabrics and furniture, we emphasize the importance of treating every decorating decision as a business decision. Further, we like to remind our clientele that it is realistic to allow 8 to 12 months to decorate an entire home. Your new and expressive environment is within reach. 1. DESIGN CONCEPT During the Concept Phase of the Design Process, Chanel Katic meets individually with clients to determine specific project needs. A Design Services Agreement is drafted and executed and a preliminary budget is set. Plans are prepared for design and Studio K presents samples, images and other materials to illustrate the suggested design scheme such as colour
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