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AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (AUST) Achrafieh-Lebanon Faculty of Business and Economics Advanced Marketing Management ( MKT 500) Spring Semester 2012 CHANEL Professor : Submitted by : Table of Contents : Page 1. Company’s Description 2. Strategic Focus and Plan 3.1 Vision 3.2 Mission Statement 3.3 Goals 3.4 Competitive Advantage 3 Situational Analysis 3.1 SWOT Analysis 3.2 Industry Analysis 3.3 Competitor Analysis 3.4 Company’s Analysis 3.5 Customer Analysis 4. Product-Market focus and Objectives 4.1 Target Markets 4.2 Points of Diffreneces 4.3 Positioning 5 Marketing Program 5.1 Product Strategy 5.2 Price Strategy 5.3 Promotion Strategy 5.4 Distribution Strategy 5.5 Marketing Plan of a New Product 6 Implementation plan 7 Evaluation and Control Executive Summary : Fashion is an art form and a way of utilizing clothing, accessories, and hair to express one self. Fashion serves as an extension of personality , sometimes used to show or hide the true image of a person. The world’s fashion centers are New York, Paris, and Milan whereby these countries are considered to be major hubs of fashion apparel and accessories, in addition to London, Los Angeles, Sydney, and other smaller market areas. Yet, the choice of fashion ultimately depends on the consumer who decides whether or not to buy into a trend . The women who brought style to the world , Gabriel “ Coco” Chanel is the founder of Chanel Brand .She established her first store in Paris in 1909, and her business grew in the First World War because she believed that women should not forget about fashion in the tough years of war . She continued to expand and in 1922 she launched her first line of

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