Chances of the American Dream Essay

1417 WordsJul 24, 20146 Pages (2014) defines the American dream as “the notion that the American social, economic, and political system makes success possible for every individual.” When it comes to having a successful life one can weigh it as family and work related. The main vision of the American Dream for an individual is to have a husband or wife, children, and a steady job to support their family. One searches to find the person they want to spend the rest of their life and share the benefits a married couple receives including tax, employment, and medical benefits. A tax benefit for a couple is by the federal government helping them save money by allowing them to file jointly. Not only can they file jointly, a married couple can also divide their income between family members in hopes to save them money. When taking away this benefit, a couple’s financial statement may suffer and lead them to not be as successful as they could be financially if they were married. Additional financial benefits that married couples can use to further their success is that are employment benefits. The main benefits associated with employment is that of receiving insurance benefits for a spouse, taking leave to take care of a spouse during illness, and receiving wages, worker’s compensation, or retirement plan benefits of a deceased spouse. An example of how not having employment benefits of a married couple hurting a person financially is by the main source of income being from one person in the relationship and that person dying. If the main source of income person were to die, without being married, the other person has no right to receiving the wages, worker’s compensation, and retirement plan leading to financial difficulties. The person could lose the house, car, or any other source of a successful lifestyle they once had. The last benefits that a married couple is

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