Champion Equality And Diversity Essay

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Champion equality ,diversity, and inclusion Explain the models of practice that underpin equality, diversity and inclusion in your own area of responsibility In my area of responsibility I would like to pin point two specifics models of practice the first one is the social model of mental health, many patients have been suffering with discrimination and prejudice demonstrated in today’s society, in which the need for each other has not been taken seriously or the environment where they live. The stigma of mental health patients still plays a very difficult role in power of those who need to be looked after and by their relatives. The social model focuses on whom is the mental health person as a individual, not to their diagnosis and lack of understanding of the world , it also focuses on how to support and empower the individual to have a better life and lead an independent life , supported by a society that understands the patients with mental health needs. The second is the medical model of care, that views adults with mental health with difficulties or lacking in some ways, this model focuses in acknowledging ways to give better treatment and therapy, to also focus on identifying, diagnosing and controlling the condition in the best way possible with a strong medical and clinical support. I have…show more content…
Its always very difficult deal with some very sensitive problems, but as a professional in mental health we should be aware of the implication of not reporting and become also responsible for a serious
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