Champion Equality Essay

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Champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion SHC53 Understand diversity, equality and inclusion in own area of responsibility 1.1 What do we mean by diversity, equality and inclusion? Diversity refers to groups within society. Different groups can be linked to; * gender * ethnicity * social background * cultural background * religion and beliefs * family structure * race * disabilities * age * appearances * sexuality * economic status Equality refers to individuals being treated as equals, and allowing all to have the same opportunities, and to be treated with respect and dignity and to be given the same opportunities to achieve. Inclusion is the process that includes all, while ensuring that the needs of the individuals are met, whilst overcoming the barriers to prevent everyone participating. Social Model The favoured model that is linked to my work is the social model, which focuses on the child or individual and not on their disability, ethnicity, gender, social background, ect; this model looks at the environment as the problem and not the individual thus enabling them independence and empowerment. The health model of disability Focuses on the persons impairments as the problem and not their environment. This can restrict their independence and highlight their disability. Within my area of work I have children and young people who have autisum, globle development delay and mental health diagnosis and some who have suffered great trauma leading to attachment disorders. Both of the above models impact on our young people, we strive to empower our young people to enable them to lead as normal a life as possible. Our company word is ‘Respect’ our ethos is to wrap around the child allowing them to reach their full potential, and supporting them to make
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