Chameleon Short Story Analysis

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Engelsk aflevering - Chameleon 2012 Bodil Toft International Business College 13-09-2012 Chameleon The short story Chameleon is a drama written by Ranbir Sahota. The story is told by the main character Rita, in a 1st person narrator style. Rita is an Indian girl who lives in England; her parents are Indian and have moved to England many years ago. Her mother and father value the Indian culture a lot, which poses a problem between them and Rita for Rita is extremely well integrated in the English culture. Her parents devotion to the Indian values and traditions causes them to clash with their own daughter, who much rather prefers the English culture. In fact Rita feels completely like an English woman and except for her different skin…show more content…
In the story Chameleon, we meet Ritas family who has a great structuring need, and they are actually a very good stereotype of the cultures I am taking basis in. First of all it is important to follow the rules of the culture. If you do not, you are to be looked down on, and people will probably not approve of you. These cultures are also resistant against renewal, and they repress deviant behavior, which is also the case in Chameleon. Cultures such as China or India are not very tolerant when it comes to changes in traditions and that affects women, because the cultures are determined not to depart from their cultural provision. It is going to take many years for these cultures to become as tolerant and equal as the western cultures. Our structuring need is small and that actually makes our look on women the exact opposite of the male dominated cultures look. We like change (if it is to the better) and we do not freeze our societal problem to our culture. If we can provide the society or the women, who are an important part of the society, with a propitious change, we will. Rules of culture and religion can also be circumvented easy, because the western cultures typically are multicultural societies, which means, that we are used to different behavior in our
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