Chameleon - Analysis

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Analysis of Chameleon 1. Characterise the narrator, Rita - How does Rita fit in in the English culture and the Indian culture respectively We believe that Rita fits well into the English culture, because even though she grew up in an Indian home, she has managed to adapt to the English culture, learned their traditions and values, and she has an English boyfriend. On the other side, she does not feel at home in the Indian culture, we don’t think that she fits in, even though she wants to. In her eyes the two cultures can blend together, but from her parents point of view she has to marry an Indian man, and live like they did in India. For example she cant tell her parents of Mark, and Mark cant tell his mother of Rita. - What role does race play in shaping her identity Race plays a huge role in shaping her identity; she kind of has a split personality. She has to behave differently when she is with her parents then when she is with mark, because she wants both cultures in her life. Unfortunately those two cultures does not fit together. We believe that because of her race she is very insecure on how she is going to live her live, because she wants both, but cant have it. For example she has to hide mark in the closet when her parents visit, even though she wants them to know about mark, she cant tell them because then her parents would not talk to her. So she cant make the decision of what is most important, her parents or mark. - How well integrated into English society is Rita She is very integrated, she is basically English, and actually the only thing that separates her from the other Englishmen is her skin color. She has a good education, she has an English boyfriend and she lives her life like an Englishman. - What things are standing in Ritas way of being fully integrated into English society? First of all, her split personality is caused by her
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