Chameleon Essay

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Theme: India page 1-17 - Chameleon Questions 1. - She fits in the English culture because she lives quite “western”. She isn’t married yet, which is normal in the western world when you’re only 24. She focuses on her job as well. She fits in the Indian culture because she was raised in an Indian family and speaks Hindi. * Race plays a big role. On one hand she has been Fair and Beautiful bleaching cream to make herself look paler, whiter, as to fit in better. On the other hand, she has her parents who want her to be “very” Indian. * She is very well integrated in the English society. She lives by their “rules”. * Her family. 2. On page 6-7 she starts a fight with her Mother about Indian women and how they are treated by the men that their parents have chosen for them. She says “Oh, so it’s okay for him to expect me to be beautiful, fair, virginal or demand that I live with him and his parents, but I can’t hope that he has some cash so that once in a while I can get away from the shit-hole that would be my life.” 3. Rita’s Father came to England because his friends did, and he has been working at the same factory ever since. Her parents don’t particularly like England or its culture. They both still live the Indian way. Rita says that her Mother loves her husband and children, but not in the Western way, she is duty-bound. She loves them because she has to. For them to become fully integrated in the English society, I think they have to start accepting the English ways of life instead of mentally living in India when they’re actually in England. 4. Rita’s parents have raised her according to the Indian values. They believe that these values are better for their children, than the English are. They want an Indian future for her. They want to choose her husband, like in India. Their plans do not fit with Rita’s at all. Mainly because she
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