Chambermaid's 'Grapes Of Wrath'

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Question 1 1-a. According to Chapter 1, The Baron’s wife weighed at 350 pounds. 1-b. Cunegund, the daughter of the Baron’s Wife was seventeen years old. 1-c. Pangloss’ stated these reasons for wearing spectacles and stockings, “the nose is formed for spectacles, and therefore we wear spectacles. The legs are visibly designed for stockings, accordingly we wear stockings.” 1-d. Cunegund sees Pangloss giving a lecture in experimental philosophy to her mother’s chambermaid. Question 2 2-a. The blue-uniformed soldier’s that approached Candide belonged to the Bulgarian Army. 2-b. In Chapter 3, the “several young virgins” bodies had been ripped open and others were half burned in the flames. 2-c. The orator’s wife throws a…show more content…
Pangloss contracted syphilis from Pacquette, and he relates his condition to chocolate and cochineal because they contaminate the source of generation, frequently impede propagation itself, and oppose to the great end of nature. Question 4 4-a. While en route to Lisbon, James drowned after a shipwreck and earthquake occurred eventually throwing him overboard while trying to save a brutish sailor. 4-b. Auto da fe means a public ceremony to burn a few people alive by a slow fire. Question 5 5-a. The young lady with a veil introduced to Candide by the old woman was Miss Cunegund. 5-b. The arrangement revealed in Chapter 8 between Don Issachar and the Grand Inquisitor was that the house and Cunegund should belong to both in common; that the Jew should have Monday, Wednesday, and the Sabbath to himself and the Inquisitor the other four days of the week. Question 6 6-a. The trio decided to leave Lisbon for the city of Cadiz, Spain because Candide killed a Jew and an Inquisitor in Cunegund’s apartment. 6-b. While the old woman was revealing her life story, she mentioned her father was Pope Urban X. 6-c. The Old Woman lost her virginity to the captain of the Moorish vessel who raped her. 6-d. The Italian eunuch carried the Old Woman to Algiers and sold her to the dey of that

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