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Charlotte Amalie High School In Charlotte Amalie High School there are many great people, things, and activity you are introduce to. The environment also is so large that you have so many things you find that are outstanding. The activities are so useful that there is no other school like this one. The rules are so strict now than before some come in so handy. According to C.A.H.S. their rules are pertaining to fighting, uniform, and jewelry. The fighting policy it is in role from before everyone was in this school. They have this rule to prevent fighting. When student don’t follow the rules get suspended, expel, or change to the school for bad student. Following the school rule help you say out of conflict and much more. It also has to do with uniform because so many place in your uniform you can pit weapon. Uniform is one way to unify the students. It also tells apart people that don’t belong campus. In order to come to school you must be wearing ID that they dictate. Without that you can’t go to class or come on campus without a visitors pass. There is a way you can use jewelry in your uniform. In C.A.H.S. we can’t wear earring larger than a quarter because of the fight that lead into bleeding. It does not look professional for young teenage student to look like young hooter workers. Earring no larger than a quarter is a good deed. Male should not be able to wear earring because it does not look right for a boy to have in earrings. The school is just trying to avoid robbery, and bleeding in that sense. In order for C.A.H.S. to function at optimal level rules governing fighting, uniform, and jewelry are being enforce. Fighting is not a good thing it ends up with suspension, expulsion, and it goes on your record. Uniform policy is one way to unify the school and tell the different with people on campus. Jewelry is one thing everyone likes to wear but

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