Challenging Behaviour Essay

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Managing Challenging Behaviour Part 1A In this assignment I will explore key issues from various literature and policy documents relating to managing behaviour, comparing findings with my own practice. Ofsted (2005) state that the majority of learners enjoy learning and behave well. The minority of poor behaviour continues to present challenges, such behaviour arises mainly from poor language skills and social skills. They go on to say that lack of definitions make it difficult to gauge the full extent of the situation. Common forms of poor behaviour include being rowdy and making inappropriate remarks, the Elton report (1989) confirms this and goes on to say that acts of extreme violence are very rare. A proportion of pupils that have challenging behaviour also face special educational needs (SEN) with disadvantage and disturbance in their family lives. Their reading and writing skills are poor which begin early and continue throughout their education. Within my working environment, procedures are in place but none that specifically deal with challenging behaviour or what to do in the event of such poor behaviour. Certain areas within the college include discipline which can pay some relevance to learner behaviour, the procedure in place states that a five stage process should be taken when dealing with any forms of behavioural issues, beginning with verbal warnings at different levels possibly resulting in a learner contract. Turner, G. (2003) et al states that according to Bandura (1978) individuals are influenced by the environment they are in and the influence of others. Learners live in a society which they make their own in order to belong and situations influence their responses. This can have an impact on the teachers response and what is looked at as being acceptable, Armitage, A (2003) states that it can depend on a personal level
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