Challenges Posed By Cyber Criminals Essay

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Cyber criminals pose many challenges to both the U.S. and the international community. These challenges range from loss of finances, loss of private data, and even potential attacks from terrorist organizations. These challenges affect both the economic systems and security systems of private organizations, private citizens and government agencies within the countries. Cybercrime is a threat to U.S. national economic and security interests. It has been estimated that the U.S. has lost billions of dollars due to cybercrime by different studies and expert belief. According to a 2005 FBI survey, the overall annual loss was estimated to be $67.2 billion for the U.S. organizations. The economic impact of cyber-criminal activities are determined by the actual money stolen, estimated cost of intellectual property stolen, recovery cost of repairing or replacing damaged networks and equipment, and intangible loss due to the opportunity loss from lack of customer confidence in the doing online commerce. The nation’s vital interests seem more likely to be susceptible to attacks as long as financial transactions, sensitive economic data, and groups within the nation’s defense and intelligence societies rely heavily on computer systems to perform. The Secret Service shut down an online movement in 2004 that stole about 1.7 million credit cards and identity information and documents. This case, highly profiled for its notoriety, was called “Operation Firewall” and had an illegal organization consisting of 4000 members who had a website that acted as a gateway for their illegal activity. The true effect of cybercrime in the United States is not fully understood because cybercrimes are not always spotted or reported by organizations and individuals when they happen. The systems put in place to regularly check up on computer systems, computer intrusions, come with

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