Challenges Of Leading Groups In Criminal Justice Organizations

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There are many challenges in leading groups in a criminal justice organization. Some challenges may be organizational goals, organizational structure, managing of human resources, achievement oriented- leadership. Once these challenges are defeated it will help the leader of the group make the organization successful. Organizational goals are needed in the workplace. The leader of the group should express the goals he wants to accomplish for the organization. A goal is a future expectation. It is something the organization is striving to accomplish. A goal may be used to refer more specific desired accomplishment. Goals are important feature of work organization. Goals should be stated clearly, emphasized and communicated to all employees of the organization in order to achieve effectiveness. Goals help to develop commitment of individuals and group to the activities of the organization. They focus attention on purposeful behavior and provide a basis for motivation and reward system. Goal management is about more than just the assigning goals and reviewing of employee performance. It’s about getting every employee to use and develop their talents, skills and experience to help the organization meet its overarching goals. Goal alignment plays a key role in effective goal management. Every employee's role and every employee goal should be tied to the organization's overall strategy, not just to their manager's success. That way you can rationalize conflicting priorities, based on a higher level common goal. While an individual may be successful in meeting all their personal goals, their work may not in fact contribute to the success of the organization overall; it might even work against it. Goal alignment helps to ensure that everyone's individual contributions move the organization forward in the right direction. For goal management to be successful, it
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