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Final Draft Why is the first semester of college hard for freshmen? Starting your first semester in college is a big transition. There are a lot of new things and new people. The challenges of starting your first semester in college is a new environment, assignments, and time management. One challenge of a freshmen coming from high school to college is: they have to adapt to the new environment and the new instructors. Being in college gives the students more freedom because they are now an adult. College classes are scheduled at different times during the day, so students can get breaks in between classes. Although, high school classes were more hands on, a college classes gives the learner a better way of expressing their self. Entering a new school means meeting new instructors. Instructors have different ways of teaching however; there are ways of learning their teaching methods. Learning the instructors schedule can be very important, specifically for when students need to schedule an appointment with them. Another challenge is the work assignments in addition to class work. College students have to do two types of papers such as essays and research papers. Essays are a short piece of writing on a…show more content…
Time management has a lot to do with self- assessment when changing habits and analyzing your current use of time. Certain habits have to change because it can interfere with your school work. When analyzing your current use of time you are taking control of your time and energy by making schedules and lists so students won’t overwhelm their self. Avoiding distractions is another example of time management. The first way to avoid distraction is controlling your workspace. The second distraction is your cell phone. Cell phones can be a big distraction because it is a lot of new social networks that young adults like to get on that can be a huge distraction from your

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