Challenges Of Education To Prepare Students For Th Essay

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America has to transform its education system so that children can graduate high school and be competitive in the job market. The education system is no longer providing adequate working skills to American children with a high school education. With the manufacturing jobs shifting to Third World countries the contemporary education system should evaluate how well we are preparing our youth for the job market without continuing on to college. The education system has to evaluate how well it is preparing children for the job market, how well would specialized training as early as high school could benefit our country, and what skills need to be learned upon graduation to be successful in the job market. John Kasarda, in the article “The Jobs-Skills Mismatch,” thinks that America is losing its manufacturing jobs which previously had been the backbone for the middle class Americans that only had a high school education. The fact is that now America is left in a position in which we essentially have a shortage of job skills in order to be able to compete in the new job market with only a high school diploma. Mr. Kasarda states that, “the role of the industrial cities in North America and Western Europe is being radically transformed by two trends in the global economic restructuring: the growth of the service economy and the shift of production toward the less developed countries”(2000, p. 349). Fundamentally our public education system had been designed to give children basic skills sets either to go to college or to be prepared for the workforce. We have had vocational education for students wishing to learn a specific trade at an entry level. But now the World is different. America has become a service nation and the remaining manufacturing jobs are not enough to employ an entire contingent of people with no other skill sets or job training. The blue-collar work

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