Challenges of Being a College Freshman

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One of the best experiences of every young teen’s life is going to college. Most if not all can’t wait to enter into what can be the best time of their lives. However when they get there they realize that there are many difficulties they have to overcome. College freshmen have to face the difficulties such as financing payments, managing time, and avoiding depression. Although difficulties are a part of life, there is always a positive side and a way to overcome them. Going away to college can be entertaining but at the same time it can be costly. Teens that come from high income families are at luck because they are given the luxury of not having to work or be in debt. On the other hand those that don’t come from high income families or even those that just have not saved find difficulties in financing their payments. Eventually they are forced to turn to government for aid. According to the College Board, college students borrowed over $56 billion in federal loans in the 2003-2004, school year and $11.3 billion in non federal loans. Lucy Lazarony stated in her article “Paying for College with Private Loans”, that public universities charge an average of $5,132 in tuition and fees. Four-year private colleges charge up to $20,082 in tuition and fees. Including room-and-board expenses, and the total cost for a student, at a public university, averages $11,354 and at private colleges, $27,516. Most students, who struggle to keep up with their payments, eventually get a job. Freshmen who are in need should look for campus jobs that can both bring educational and financial benefits to them, a job from which they learn something and a job from which they receive a pay. However freshmen that need the money more should stick to jobs that just pay them, if they are not able to find these educational jobs. As they continue their college life they should keep searching

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