Challenges of Advocator and Mediator Essay

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Challenges of Advocator and Mediator University of Phoenix BSHS/442 Advocacy and Mediation Terry Burgett October 16, 2011 Fred Oskin Challenges of Advocator and Mediator Advocating and Mediating are essential positions within the human services field as well as within many types of businesses. Dealing with individuals and groups provide a wide variety of perspectives and opinions that produce conflicts. Advocators provide assistance by providing another voice to a party involved in a conflict and a mediator provides assistance as a neutral voice to a party involved in a conflict. Many issues that can arise when an individual is both an advocate and a mediator involve ethics, morals, and legalities. Ethical Challenges Ethical challenges that arise as an advocator and a mediator simultaneously include the ethical responsibility of acting with integrity and honesty (University of Phoenix, 2011). The ethical responsibility that involves information obtained through advocacy includes not crossing boundaries that could incite a client to commit a hate crime (University of Phoenix, 2011). Moral and Legal Challenges Moral and legal challenges can occur when performing the duties of an advocator and a mediator. These types of challenges can occur when the roles of advocator and mediator conflict with the policies of the agency. Confidentiality of a client can be a challenge when switching the role of an advocate to become the mediator. As an advocate there will be information known that could influence the success of the mediator. Personal Philosophy in Planned Parenthood The most important aspect to have when working as an advocator and a mediator would be self-awareness. An individual needs to know what possible biases may be present within him or herself. An individual needs to leave personal values, opinions, and personal biases completely out of the

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