Challenges Of A Paper

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Challenges of a Paper February 9, 2011 COM/156 There are many challenges that a writer may encounter while preparing a paper. In my personal experience the most prevalent of these challenges is time management. Ensuring that we have set aside enough time to properly prepare a paper can sometimes be a huge challenge in itself. The second challenge that I have personally encountered is the use of improper grammar. Grammatical errors can result in an unclear message being presented as well as impeding the delivery of a message at all. The last of my three major challenges would be choosing a topic and ensuring that the information stay relative to the topic. In the past I have been guilty of wandering through my writing assignments and swaying far from the designated topic. In my opinion if I am able to determine what my biggest challenges are I should also be able to find solutions to these challenges therefore resulting in the elimination of them all together. Many of the challenges that I have referred to are common and therefore there are many tools that are available for public use to assist in alleviating these problems. Just like there are many challenges that a writer faces there are also many strategies that can be implemented in order to reduce the amount of times that a writer may face these issues. To start with when addressing time management a writer should begin by ensuring that they have allotted plenty of time to incorporate all of the steps needed to produce an effective piece. I will be certain to set aside enough time to gather my information, design an outline of the needed information, compose a rough draft, and finally write the finalized piece of work. In reference to grammatical errors and the avoidance thereof I will be sure to use all of the resources available to me. The resources available can range from an
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