Challenges for Transport and Communication Essay

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The challenge for the Barents Transport Cooperation is therefore to link the national transport and communication systems to each other and develop the diversity of the interregional networks. Over the years, two frameworks for transport cooperation have been established: Barents Euro-Arctic Transport Area (BEATA) and the Communications Working Group of the Barents Regional Council. Transport infrastructure in the Barents region Priorities The Communications Working Group and the BEATA Steering Committee have launched a joint project “Sustainable Transport in the Barents Region (STBR)”, which defines the priorities of the Barents transport cooperation are as follows: Improving transport linkages between the communities of the Nordic Countries (road, air) Linking the Nordic Countries with the northwest regions of Russia (road, air) Improving generally regional aviation Creating an east-west heavy railway link Improving cooperation in the development and security of external maritime connections along the Russian/Norwegian cost and to/from the Bay of Bothnia, Sweden and Finland. In the north, some major routes are already undergoing improvement, complementing the east-west communications: The Northern Sea Route, Northern Maritime Corridor, the Oulu-Vartius-Kochkoma railway and further to Karelia, Arkhangelsk and Syktyvkar, Air routes connecting Tromsø-Luleå-Rovaniemi-Murmansk-Arkhangelsk and the Siberia-Murmansk pipeline. Barents Link – a railway network for heavy traffic. A general description of the industry structure and railway network of the Barents Region and the Republic of Komi with an action programme proposal primarily concerning the transport infrastructure in order to make transport more efficient, thereby promoting development potential for communities and trade and business.Read the more (pdf). General information The

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