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HARRIET DAVIDS CHALLENGES FOR TODAY’S PARENTS Being a parent may be the trickiest job in the world, especially today’s children are often hard to understand and they seem impossible to control. With computer technology and the development of the Internet into daily life, parents have to protect their children from getting attracted to sexual visuals or violent scenes. This problem is discussed by Harriet Davids in his essay “Challenges for Today’s Parents.” Nowadays, children intend to watch television or to surf internet instead of working on their schoolwork. There is evidence that in a vulnerable person, viewing screen violence may increase the risk of violent behavior by contributing to the acquisition of traits that create a tendency to violence. Due to violence on television, children become less sensitive to that pain and suffering of others or to become more aggressive to others. As a solution, parent can always use V-chip to block any high rating programs that they do not want their children to see. Also, not allowing computers in the bedroom is another good tactic - if the computer is somewhere public, such as the living room, then it is less likely that the child will take risks, and it gives the parent the chance to have a look at what they’re doing. In addition to children’s behavior concern, today youth no longer totally obeyed their parents. They want to be free and rather hang out with friends instead of spending time with family. Facing with this problem, parent must realize that there are love and affection that can bond them together. They should give their kids freedom to try new things and be responsible for their actions. However, they must talk to their children to know what is going on in these innocent’s minds. For example, if kids concerning of having a boyfriend or a girlfriend and having sex before marriage will make them, then
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