Challenges Faced By Indian Companies Internationa Essay

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ASSIGNMENT ON “Challenges Faced by Indian Companies internationalizing at a fast pace” Companies that want to survive in the 21st century must confront the all encompassing force of globalization that pervades every aspect of business. In a wide range of industries from automobiles to food and clothing, Indian companies face the pressures of global competition at home as well as in international markets. Choosing not to participate in global markets is no longer an option. All companies, regardless of their size, have to craft strategies in the broader context of world markets to anticipate, respond and adapt to the changing configuration of these markets. Companies initially entering international markets will be more concerned with learning about international markets, selecting an appropriate arena to compete, and determining how to leverage core competencies in international markets. Once in international markets, companies have to build their position in these markets, establishing a strong local presence by developing new products and adapting to local tastes and preferences. As the companies expand internationally, it will need to move away from country-centred strategies and improve integration and coordination across national markets, leveraging its competencies and skills to develop a leadership position. After 2 decades of economic liberalization, Indian companies are now working aggressively in going global. These companies have realized the business potential of global markets, for which they are making all the efforts both internally and externally to achieve this objective. This approach of Indian companies to global markets is best supported by the following facts: 1. In 2010, the Tier1 Indian telecom operator Bharti AIRTEL acquired Zain Africa, where the deal size was US $10.7 billion 2. In 2006, Tata

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