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FUTURE CHALLENGES OF HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT Name: Course: Date: Health care is one of the major concerns of every country. It is one of the largest sectors in most countries taking a high percentage of the gross income. Despite its central role, health care is faced with numerous setbacks. Rapid population growth and increased prevalence of chronic illnesses have negatively impacted the health sector. These factors have brought myriads of problems that affect the sector today and also in the future. Therefore, health care managers are faced with a daunting task of overseeing delivery of quality health services despite the existing setbacks. This essay aim at analyzing the future challenges of healthcare management. Demographic shift is one of the future challenges facing healthcare. The improved standards of living and better healthcare has raised life expectancy. Consequently, elderly population is likely to increase. The World Health Organization speculates that the population aged 65 years and above is likely to double that of working ages by 2050.This population requires heavy medication due to their high susceptibility to age associated diseases. Additionally, there has been a change in the lifestyle in the current generation. A large portion of the population has adopted unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, substance abuse, unhealthy diets and lack of physical exercise.1 This trend will increase prevalence of lifestyle and chronic illnesses in the future. Therefore, healthcare management is faced with the challenge of addressing these problems related to demographic shift as they are likely to cripple healthcare if not addressed in time. The pace at which technological advancement is changing also poses a future challenge to healthcare sector. The sector has been characterized by use of sophisticated technology in diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

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