Challenge In Singapore Society Essay

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Conflict identified: Potential conflicts in community due to different opinions to each other held by local people and residents from China. Targeted situation of potential conflict Singapore is famous for its low-crime-rate and cleanliness, for that, many people from China settled in Singapore as residents. However, many Singaporeans believe that new residents develop no attachment to Singapore while enjoying the comfort and amenities here, some foreign residents respond by stereotyping Singaporeans as narrow-minded. Should the differing views not be handled carefully, social tension would arise at the community level, leading to potential conflicts such in the form of violence and social segregation. Case study Cold war was a product of differing doctrines in communism and democracy. It was caused also by the policy of secrecy carried out by governments from both blocs, as secrecy deepens mistrust and provokes suspicion, escalating into direct conflicts such Vietnam War. Impacts Decades of military competition burdened economies of both blocs, resources that may be used for people’s welfare was used for warfare, lowering people’s standard of living. Political strife in the form of war such as Vietnam War leads to loss of lives and properties. Cold war military buildup spurred technological innovation; GPS, computers and nanomaterial were all researched for military purposes first before put to civilian use. Resolution Confrontation ended suddenly when a series of peace treaties were signed in the late 1980s, in my view this is partly caused by increase in computer network coverage the world over, which enhanced understanding between ordinary people from both sides, disabling governments’ policy of secrecy and pushes forward governmental cooperation. Lessons learnt & relevance to the targeted situation Conflicts

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