Challenge Definition in Australasia Debate Essay

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Challenge Definition Debate I. Intro A challenge definition debate is a debate where both sides arguing on whose definition is more proper. It happens when Negative team reject the definition provided by Affirmative Team, because it is UNFAIR. The way to do it is very technical. It is not recommended because it is such an unsightly debate where there is no arguments and no clash develop. II. Prelude to Challenge Negative may challenge definition only if it is: – truistic/tautological (not debatable) – squirreling (no logical link to motion) – time and place setting (specific knowledge) – unfair 1. Truistic A truistic definition is: A definition that is true by nature, true by fact, morally true, self proving, self-evident, and thus undebatable. It effectively prevent the other team to participate in the debate Example of the truistic definition: Self-evident: “Wednesday is after Tuesday.” Self-proving: “The president should have the power to do x because the power to do x rests with the President. The moral truism, something to which no real opposition exists: “genocide is bad.” Motion: “THAT THE NEXT CENTURY SHOULD BE BETTER THAN THE LAST” Defined as: “That we have moral and practical obigation to make the next century be better” Motion: That tomorrow is another day Definition: “tomorrow” is defined as “the day after today”. “the day after today is another day” Motion: That we should eat, drink and be merry “whether humans need to eat and drink to survive and whether it is better to be happy than sad.” Motion: “THAT CONSUMERISM IS NOT TODAY’S RELIGION”. “consumerism is not today’s religion because it does not give an understanding of the fundamental nature of life and the universe”. “That we should abolish good and service tax” ”GST is unfair tax that can harm the nation as a whole” This House Believe That the sun

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