Challanges In Home Care Essay

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Running Head: Challenges in Home Care Challenges in Home Care Bareilly Austin University of Northern British Columbia Prince George, BC Introduction Home Care is important not only for the elderly, but for younger people whose mobility has been limited by operations, accidents or acute illness. Problems exist from early hospital discharge due to budget cuts, bed closures and inexperienced nurses. Often clients need effective continuity of care planning in order to assure that patients and families will have their health care needs met after discharge from hospital. This creates challenges as written in the article Challenges in Home Care Practice: A Decision-Making Perspective by Higuchi, Christensen & Terpstra (2002) practice. In the article, Post hospital Home Care for Frail Older Adults in Rural Locations, the authors Dellasega & Fisher (2001) found that the elderly often are not receiving homecare upon discharge. Factors identified were geographical distances and limited access to community services. I personally have observed that elderly are sometimes discharged with inadequate services provided. Often this was due to lack of resources or long waiting lists causing frustration for staff and family members. New home care nurses also acquire autonomy as they learn to function effectively without readily available support systems. Critical thinking and imagination become important, as does making do with less. However, the primary role of home care nurse is to assess, teach, and assist patients and families to become independent. Both nurses and patients should be prepared for a limited presence of the nurse and use time wisely with maximum efficiency. From my experiences both patients and nurses feel more protected in the hospital environment. Nurses feel secure, knowing that other healthcare personnel and supplies are
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