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Chaka Essay

  • Submitted by: ekojaep
  • on March 14, 2011
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Chaka experience real, continuous persecution obviously aimed at destroying him mentally, emotionally and physically. From his society he knew just hate. Teased as a bastard child, many believed that the young Chaka Zulu would not have much of a future.   Growing up as a fatherless child, he was a victim of humiliation and cruel treatment. In spite of his rough childhood, Shaka became a legendary leader of the Zulu people and Dingiswayo army. Shaka came from a humble and harsh childhood to becoming the founder of the Zulu nation. Chaka’s childhood was crucial in determining his future and destiny.
Much of Chaka’s childhood can be titled as miserable. Chaka was born out of wedlock and became the first male child of Senzangakhona. Because Chaka was born out of wedlock, Senzangakhona’s position became unsafe after the king’s senior wives started to have male children. This caused the king to quickly marry Nandi (Chaka’s mother) to hide any suspicions. Still, jealousy and hatred from Senzangakhona’s wives made them to ask the king to push Nandi and her son, Chaka away from the village. The fear of becoming exposed by his wives caused Senzangakhona to bow down to whatever the women wanted. Chaka’s denial and rejection spread through the villages making him to become the target of humiliation.
Chaka possessed many natural abilities that developed as a result of his constant fight for life. As Chaka grew, he acquired impressive fighting skills.   Nandi dreaded that her son might be killed. Mother-like instincts caused Nandi, Chaka’s mother to seek the help of a native doctor who strengthened Chaka with powerful medicines.   After he began to take the medicine, Chaka began to embrace bravery. Several instances occurred, which caused more envy to spread throughout the village. Chaka rescued a man from the jaws of a lion. This produced shame from the men in the village because many were afraid of the lion and ran away from it. Because men in the village were unable to...

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