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Chad Johnson It’s first and ten from their own twenty five yard line. Palmer goes under center. The ball is snapped. Palmer is rolling out of the pocket. He throws deep and he just threw it away; but wait Johnson comes out of know where and he caught it and is running down the side line. The forty, thirty, twenty, he hurdles over Champ Bailey at the ten and he goes in for the touchdown. Chad Johnson number eighty five has done it again. Touchdown Bengals! Chad’s list During the ‘05 season Johnson made a check list of all the DB’s who would be defending him for the whole year. He called it “Who covered 85 in ‘05". On Nov. 2 Marvin Lewis (head coach) replaced the list with a list he made. The new list was called “Did 85 do everything to lead his team to victory ?”. This new list had questions that were about his performance and his behavior on and…show more content…
He only got 1 TD. Johnson has played at Cin. For 6 years and has amazing stats. In his career he has had 466 rec. for 6,925 yards. On each rec. he has a avg. of 14.9. His longest rec. was for 82 yards. FINED Chad Johnson with his cocky attitude has been fined many times. These are some of the examples why he gets fined. He gets fined for doing his fun and exciting TD celebrations. Also, the “Ocho Cinco” stunt. It was Hispanic Heritage month and so Ocho Cinco is 85 in Spanish. So instead of wearing his regular C. Johnson on the back of his jersey he put on a sticker that said Ocho Cinco. Popularity Chad Johnson is very popular. In the ‘06 Pro bowl votes he finished 1st among all WR and 4th overall with 987,650 votes. He is also known for his celebrations and his cocky attitude. On Aug. ‘06 on Fox Sports they had the top 10 showboats and Chad got the #1 spot. Most of all he has his gilded grills, earrings, and in ‘06 his blond mohawk.

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