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My character analysis poster is about Duncan, the main character of Graham McNamee's novel: "Acceleration". Namely is actions, appearance, emotions, motives, and his goal in the story. Duncan's actions are kind of 'impulsive'. He doesn't really think things through, he just goes ahead and does them, like trying to save a girl from drowning. "...But then my brain clicks and I realize that we're too far out for those people rushing toward us to get to her in time. There's only me. So I kick toward her, my arms flailing in a frantic crawl..." (Duncan, Page 10) Actions - Impulsive, Physical - ??? Emotions - Motives - Goal - Duncan's physical appearance is 'insinuative'. In other words, it is what you think it is. This is because Duncan's appearance is not really described in the book Acceleration, so you have to imagine what he looks like. Now, I imagine him as an average young adult with a medium build, and dark brown eyes/hair. I see him like this because it's how I imagine most main characters, and it's usually what main characters look like. There is however "Two blocks later and my lungs are burning. I'm way out of shape." (Duncan, Page 188) Duncan's emotions are most easily described as 'dark'. And this is really not surprising in regards to the massive amount of negativity in his life. The break-up with his girlfriend, the drowning of the girl and his boring job are some examples among others. "Vinny - 'Get this man a happy meal.' Wayne - 'What's the matter with you? The sun used to shine out of your butt.' Duncan - 'Yeah, well, I saw a doctor about that.' Wayne - 'You know what it is? It's working five days a week that's doing it - starting to get to me too. What it is - it's like dying one shift at a time.'" (Duncan, Vinny, and Wayne, Page 27.) Duncan's motives are gallant. Even if he's got an idea that isn't smart, Duncan's family, friends, memories, and

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